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Honey against poverty

Honey cooperation (in formation)
Hives until 2025
as of 2025
Self registration
CHF Donations received


means honey in Malagasy and is the name of our honey project.


Malagasy-Swiss Association CHANGING


Fihaonana (Analamanga region), Madagascar

The challenges

In the village community of Fihaonana, people work mainly as farmers, stonecutters (in quarries) or simple traders. With this hard work, the daily income ranges from MGA 3,000 - 5,000 or CHF 0.70 - 1.20. A way out of poverty is virtually unattainable.

Our solutions

  • Establishment of honey cooperation Tantely ny Fihaonana (Honey from Fihaonana), first apiary in the region.
  • Entrepreneurial poverty reduction
  • Quarterly income generation
  • Extraction and local sale of organic honey
  • Planting of 2,000 trees and flowering willows to increase honey yields
  • Training and promotion of independent beekeepers


Poverty-stricken adults who want to live in an independent future


From 2025, the honey cooperation can fully finance itself from its own sales, multiply gradually and enable many people to live free from poverty.



01.09.22 - 31.12.25 Foundation or start-up phase

Targets (until 2025)

  • Self-registration (already from January 2025)
  • 10 beekeepers, including 3 full-time and 7 part-time beekeepers
  • CHF 20,625 Sales
  • 4'125 kg honey yield
  • 100 hives
  • Quarterly honey yield


Our permanent presence on site, internal financial controls and annual audit (of Lufida Revisions AG)

Bees - the flying poverty fighters

Tropical weather, unique fertility and few pesticides mean that honey from the endemic bee species Apis mellifera unicolor (Madagascar bee) can be harvested two to six times a year.

According to the Economic Development Board of Madagascar (EDBM), a life above the international poverty line is already possible with 20 hives. With 50 hives, it is estimated that one already belongs to Madagascar's barely existing middle class.

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